About me


I'm currently living in Terville (France), with my girlfriend and my rabbit. I'm working as an Unix System & Database Consultant for an IT Consulting company, well-known in Luxembourg. During my free time, I try to give a hand to some opensource monitoring projects (nagios/icinga, cacti, nconf). Apart from that, I like to spend some time travelling around the world and discover other cultures,... or simply to play bowling with my friends wink

News [toggle]

admin, 12:26, 2013-12-27: website hoster move completed, everything available again
admin, 12:07, 2013-12-27: forum available again
admin, 11:40, 2013-12-27: interfacetable_v3t 0.05-1 out!
admin, 13:44, 2013-08-06: 0.05-rc2 out! final test step before the official 0.05 final release.
admin, 00:41, 2012-06-19: 0.04 final release available!