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checkcommand listing ordered by command name

Author: Administrator - Published At: 2011-05-22 23:11 - (5651 Reads)

In the NConf GUI, every pages/functions listing the checkcommands sort them by the attribute "default service name". Depending on how you manage your checkcommand, it can fit your needs... or not. This article provides the steps to switch to another checkcommand ordering, based on the checkcommand names. Some list boxes and some view will then apply this new ordering.

Default service template for checkcommand class (NConf 1.2.6-0)

Author: Administrator - Published At: 2011-05-22 22:54 - (5224 Reads)

As almost all the checkcommands in my configuration can be linked to a particular service template, I was looking for an attribute “default_srv_template” to the checkcommand class. This would be particularly useful when admins use a host-preset to create a new host: if the default params and that new default service template are well configured, they just have to create the new host, accept the presets it’s done.

NConf 1.2.6 : modify user access level

Author: Administrator - Published At: 2011-04-20 14:30 - (5595 Reads)

When an authentication method is activated, Nconf provides 2 levels of authentication: user and admin. This article explains how to modify the most restricted level, user level, by moving some views (classes in fact) from the admin level to the user level.

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