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Interfacetable_v3t (formerly check_interface_table_v3t) is a Nagios(R) addon that allows you to monitor the network interfaces of a node (e.g. router, switch, server) without knowing each interface in detail. Only the hostname (or ip address) and the snmp community string are required. It generates a html page gathering some info on the monitored node and a table of all interfaces/ports and their status.

Interfacetable_v3t (or check_interface_table_v3t.pl, which is the name of the plugin script) comes from:

  • check_interface_table.pl: plugin released by ITdesign Software Projects & Consulting. this is the first version of the plugin, extracted from the commercial suite proposed by ITdesign.
  • check_interface_table_v2.pl: plugin released by NETWAYS GmbH, it adds the performance data related to bandwidth usage.

This version, called Interfacetable_v3t, provides lots of new features and enhancements:

  • externalization of the html page design in css stylesheets and js files
  • extended interface inclusion/exclusion system
  • full documentation
  • code review and cleaned, following the nagios plugin development guidelines
  • installer for straightforward installations and upgrades
  • snmp v1/v2c/v3 supported with several snmp options available
  • 64bits counters support
  • error/discard packet tracking, duplex status tracking
  • Juniper Netscreen extended mode (including vsys, zone and management protocols)
  • more and more supported devices
  • and much more ! (see changelogs)

Support the check of the following node types: Brocade fiberchannel switches, Cisco routers and switches, Linux hosts, Windows hosts, Solaris hosts, Netapp filers. Go here for a more complete list of supported devices.


Complete documentation: link
Changelog: link

Supported devices: link


All screenshots: link


  • Minor release: 0.05-2
    Overall status 
    - analysis not started
    - development in progress
    - testing not started
    - documentation not started


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  • snmpsim recorder zip

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admin, 12:26, 2013-12-27: website hoster move completed, everything available again
admin, 12:07, 2013-12-27: forum available again
admin, 11:40, 2013-12-27: interfacetable_v3t 0.05-1 out!
admin, 13:44, 2013-08-06: 0.05-rc2 out! final test step before the official 0.05 final release.
admin, 00:41, 2012-06-19: 0.04 final release available!